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Vision for the Future

 "A viable sustainable Commercial Gulf Fishery, respected by all people"


Our Commitment

  • Is to improve the relationship between fishermen in the area with other users of fisheries resources.

  • To access an equitable share of the resources whether that is catch or area.

  • To deliver healthy seafood product to the public while causing minimal impact to the eco-system and protected and endangered wildlife.

  • To provide consumers with a reliable supply of high quality product harvested in sustainable operations.

  • To contribute to the ongoing growth and economy of the gulf community for the benefit of all gulf citizens.

  • To work with other stakeholders towards management for a sustainable future in the gulf fishing industry.


Our Objectives

  • To pursue a favourable policy and economic environment for the seafood industry in the region.

  • To promote ecologically sustainable development of the seafood industry in the region.

  • To pursue members security to access the fisheries resources.

  • To raise the profile of the seafood industry in the region.

  • To promote industry best practice and develop standards and codes of practice which provide for continuous improvement in the performance and operation of the seafood industry in the region.

  • To promote regimes which deliver the maximum possible benefits available from the sustainable utilization of seafood resources.

  • To provide quality information and advice to members, governments and relevant agencies on matters relevant to the seafood industry in the region including but not restricted to: 

                                                           1. Protection of the marine environment.    
                                                           2. Fisheries management.           
                                                           3. Research and development.
                                                           4. Industry Policy.
                                                           5. Native Title.
                                                           6. Food Safety and Quality.  
                                                           7. Fair access to resources for all.

  •  To protect and advance Association members rights relevant to the seafood industry.

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